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since 1990

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A clock is one of the finest items made by man. The real beauty does not fade in time, on the contrary, it gains new shades and the beauty is reflected from within.

Paulio Bastelli® is small artisan workshop in the heart of the beautiful sunny Slovenia, established back in 1990. Paulio Bastelli® clocks perfectly distinguish themselves in all details, materials, colour and shape which are qualities distinguishing his craft with status and lifestyle.

Workmanship, quality and design are the ideal essence of the Paulio Bastelli® clock. Each clock is individually created and numbered, thus enhancing its uniqueness and value. With this ornamental uniqueness, it brings new meaning to the telling of time.


Circle clocks

Well-known elementary shape in new transformation. They call to memories of artisanship clocks ticking on the wall in cosy grandparents’ living room.

Square clocks

Sophisticated clocks of pure refined design enable you to see what it is really important – the simplicity of eternal repeat.

Rectangle clocks

Stylish clocks emphasize the importance of harmony in indoor decoration. An excellent choice of materials and colours fulfills all requirements.

Floor incorporate clocks

Sundials different sizes and shapes and clocks made to individual order of splendid materials and metals are entirely representatives of this clock line.


Express your own sophisticated taste through modern forms and design exclusive promotional or gift clocks together with the designer, Paulio Bastelli.

Custom clocks

Clocks from diffrent materials can accomodate your wishes, the shape and size by arrangement, as well as the appearance itself according to your order. We incorporate mechanisms by recognized manufacturers HERMLE or JUNGHANS / BODET.

Choose a shape

You can choose among round, square and rectangular shapes that will create harmony in every room.

Choose a color

Color defines a clock's character and our wide color selection ensures that your clock will be in alignment with your living space.

choose material and size

Different materials offer many possibilities of individual expression through our clocks. Glass, wood, stone and metal are the basis of our products and the size is adapted to your desires and needs.

Order your clock

Create your clock from wide spectrum of possibilities an let us know your chosen parameters. But we can also create a clock that will fully accomodate your wishes in every way.

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